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Rachel. 21. Central California.

30 Days of Crochet: Day 1!

Day 1: What was your first finished project?

First thing I ever did was a really crappy looking block of chains, single, and double crochet. And then, being ambitious, I decided to try a hat and got about an inch into in and became frustrated. Then I tried headbands that didn’t turn out quite well. 

First real project: the hexagon afghan that I just spent the last 3 months working on. Mind you, I’ve only been crocheting since the end of March. I just finished that two weeks ago? I think…. Not sure.

First mini project finished: My TARDIS scarf. That took about 2 days to make and I love it. I’m kind of sad that it’s not winter yet because it means that I can’t wear it. Oh well. It gives me time to make the 9 foot long scarf.

This is not even including amigurumi. I have made 2 and a ton of toys for my brother’s cat.